Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apocalyptic Terrain-Plasticville Bank Conversion

I have always been intrested in a PA setting but wasn't aware of the rapidly expanding product lines available.One of my first discoveries was railroad hobby products in "o" scale.There are several diffrent companies who produce some great buildings that are very close to conventinal 28mm scale. I scored several off of E-bay very cheap and got to work.This is one of my efforts.the bank itself is two stories and as all Plasticville products is made of plastic.I mounted it on a 12" by 12" ceramic floor tile. I obtained these free from my dear ol' Mum as they were surplus from a bathroom project.Bless her heart .They are pretty cheap and MEGA durable,no warp EVER!they can even be cut to size with a tile saw and I really love them.The buildings themselves come in a factory color that you could just go with but thats no fun.The roof and floor between the two levels are removable for ease of play.Allthough there are some great print and play paper buildings available they just dont hold up well on the game table and if  I want my minis inside,I want them inside! the mini shown is an old Grenadier Cyberpunk fig,long out of production ,Mr. Nasty. I am fairly pleased with this -check out the big screen tv I made from an old cell phone screen


Hello all,welcome to my new blog.I'm rather new to this blog thing so bear with me and I shall reveal some intresting tips,tutorials,scenery,painted minis and a host of odd gaming goodies!